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Integrating Concepts of Mechanical Engineering:

Stanford students are given the opportunity to complete meaningful projects, which will require the integration of several mechanical engineering concepts.

Developing Professionalism with External Partners:

The students develop communication skills and professionalism that result from the exposure to industry standards and practices.

Finding Solutions to Real-World Issues:

Students devise an engineering system and go deeper into the industry development process. They address real-world problems in theme areas that are most pressing to modern society.

From the Students

Receiving direction and encouragement to focus on the user's needs and think about the projected benefits, risks, and harms is something that I have greatly appreciated during my team's design and prototyping process.

Thank you for creating ME170. After working for six months I think that ME170 is the single most useful class that I took at Stanford. The randomly-assigned groups, interesting long-term projects, open-ended problem solving, and getting input from myriad, sometimes contradictory, backgrounds have all directly translated into skills I use on the job. The class was structured extremely well, especially the cadence of open-ended problem solving before the organized gate reviews.

Truthfully, thank you as I really believe that ME170 was great preparation for (my role working in Ag-tech). It was great that I was able to keep pace with my boss, who comes with years of manufacturing experience in aerospace and is savant in lean principles. The industry tools that we were taught in class came up often and helped bridge some of the gaps in experience.

I think ME170 has been the most important class for my development as a mechanical engineer, combining knowledge [from] previous classes with new concepts like ethics in engineering, translating user to technical requirements, and soon, fatigue analysis. I'm also passionate about applying engineering to social and global issues, so I was excited when ME170 gave me that opportunity.

ME170 has helped me become a more practical engineer and has taught me to always provide a valid reason for every design choice in a project. Through the learning goals of this class, I have had some of the most rewarding experiences I have had yet at Stanford.

  Cardinal Course  

ME170 has been designated as a Cardinal Course by the Haas Center for Public Service.

Click below to see the full description of a Cardinal Course.

Upcoming Events

End of Year Design Reviews were held on June 6, and were tremendous! We will be updating the website within the month to reflect the projects.
In the meantime, we are in the process of receiving project proposals for next year's course. If interested please see our "How to participate" page, and we look forward to hearing from you soon
Next year's class starts on 23 Sep, 2019